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Magic Cat Academy Content


Name Number Type Main characters Year
Magic Cat Academy 1 Game Momo, Boss Ghost 2016
The Magic Cat Academy is having a peaceful Halloween. Momo and her friends are studying in the library. Momo is reading the Spell Book when suddenly, an evil Ghost appears out of nowhere and steals the Spell Book! The Ghost summons more Ghosts and they take over the school. Momo uses the spells she knows to defeat the Ghosts, eventually reaching a tower, where the Boss Ghost consumes the power from the book. Momo battles him and defeats the Ghost, saving her school and restoring the power to the book!
Name Number Type Main characters Year
Jinx's Night Out 2 Film Momo, Jinx 2017
It has been a year since Momo saved her school from the evil Ghosts. Momo and her friends are trick-or-treating but a lonely Ghost named Jinx wants to join them. After trying a range of different outfits, he finally becomes friends with Momo when they find out that he is a Ghost.
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